Spiritual impotence

Perry has a great post today about spiritual impotence. Yeah, I know it’s not what you would expect when it comes to a topic about church, but man he makes a great point.

From TD Jakes (via Perry) “Impotence is when you posses the equipment but you lack the passion to perform.”

I think we have so many tools for ministry today, but we sometimes sit back and tell God we want new ways to reach people. Reach them with what you have in your hand now. God layed out very clearly that if you are faithful with the small things, he will give you bigger things. If you’ve ever had the thought of “I just wish we had new people in church,” you need to look at the people you have. What are you doing for them? How are you ministering into their lives? God is not going to send new people your way if you can’t or won’t take care of the ones you have.

It all comes down to letting God guide your vision. If he is truly in control, then he will show you what to do and when to do it. Then it’s up to us to make use of the tools and talents he’s given us to make it happen. With passion.

Note: I’ll probably be linking to Perry most days. He’s got a lot to say and does it with passion.


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