Need some help

I need some help with some Christian music recommendations.

First, a little history. I grew up in your typical youth group. It was taught that to be a good Christian, you had to listen to Christian music and not watch rated R movies. I grew up listening to the likes of Michael W. Smith and Phillips, Craig & Dean. I hated almost every minute of it. I really don’t listen to much of what you would call “proper” Christian music now.

Here’s what I enjoy now: (And I’m looking for recommendations, not for you to mock my musical choices, because I know that will be your first inclination.)
Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Damien Rice, Five for Fighting, James Blunt (I know, shut up), The Slip, Dave Matthews Band, The Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse, The Shins, Iron & Wine, Death Cab for Cutie, Jack Johnson, and Imogen Heap.

Now, can you recommend some Christian music similar in style to these?

And yes, I know my musical tastes are all over the board. You should see my movie tastes in my DVD collection. You’ve got Anchorman sitting near Lawrence of Arabia.



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    Just so you know…Lifehouse still claims the Christian faith. They were the youth worship band at a Vineyard church in California.

    Sorry I can’t help much with “Christian” music. I haven’t really found anything I like.

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    Yeah, I thought they were. I won’t hold it against ’em. The Fray is another one I forgot to list. I think they’re in that pseudo-Christian category too.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t find anything great. I’ve tried, I really have. This post is my last plea for help.

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    Here are some great Christian musicians to check out that match up to your musical taste (not too bad I must add):

    Leeland, Phil Wickham, Mute Math, and Future of Forestry are a good start…plenty more is out there too but I don’t want to overwhelm you.

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    So I checked out the top songs of all your recommendations on iTunes.

    My thoughts:
    Leeland – Not too bad.
    Phil Wickham – Very similar to Damien Rice. I might have to buy this one.
    Mute Math – I’ve heard them before and wasn’t impressed. On second listen they aren’t too shabby.
    Future of Forestry – This is really good. I feel like I have to like them for the cool name alone, but their music is pretty great.

    Keep ’em coming if you have any more.

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    List #2:

    Between the Trees: I really liked these guys.

    My Favorite Highway: Not bad, although I’m opposed to buying anything with a review on iTunes that contains this: “My Favorite Highway is the kewlest music ever!”

    Until June: I think I could get used to this. Maybe.

    The Fold: This is definitely going on my must-buy list.

    Copeland: Not so much.

    Jackson Waters: Very Snow Patrolish. I like it.

    See, I knew I just needed the right guide. I’m not opposed to Christian music from a message/lyrics standpoint, just from a most-of-it-sounds-the-same-and-that-sound-sucks perspective.

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    Starflyer: Different. Maybe different enough to try out.

    Mat Kearney: I like it. The more I listen to it, I really like it.

    Mae: Kicks off like Ben Fold (which I like) and then heads in a different direction which I also like.

    Sleeping at Last: Not bad. A little further down the “buy” list, but it did make it.

    So now all this begs the question, how am I going to afford all this new music?
    I like the help Ryan, but my wallet hates you with a passion usually reserved for the Apple store sales people.

    I’ll have to see what modern Jars of Clay sounds like. I heard them way back in the day and they were a little different then. I’ll try it out.

    The only Sixpence song I own is “Kiss Me” and I can’t bring myself to listen to it too often because it makes me feel like a girl. Maybe the rest of their music won’t have the same effect.


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