The Paramount (oh yeah, and friends too)

There really is something magical about seeing the lights go down and the projector springs to life. Sound blares from the surrounding speakers. Moving images splash onto the screen as light shines through a strip of film. It’s on that screen that we escape and enter any place our imaginations would like to go.

Last night, that screen took us to Istanbul, on a violent train ride, and even to a little island called Crab Key to witness the nefarious plans on one Dr. No. There really isn’t anything better than classic cinema. And there really isn’t anything better than viewing old films at The Paramount Theatre in downtown Austin.  Thursday night was the first time I’d ever been there and I was amazed. The Paramount is nearly 100 years old and it was built back in a time of grandeur we don’t see anymore. It had ornate details you don’t find in modern theaters and sadly probably never will again. If you’ve never been, you need to go.

We caught a double-bill of Dr. No and From Russia with Love for my birthday. We drove down yesterday and met up with Dave, Cheri, Josh and Shana for dinner at Hut’s (as in Jabba?) for some great burgers. Then we headed to The Paramount for a night of film. You can watch DVDs all you want (and I do), but there really is nothing quite like experiencing great pictures on the big screen. Once we move, I’m pretty much just going to live at The Paramount.

And thanks for everyone who met up with us for dinner. I know it was a pain because of time constraints, but it was great. Oh, and thanks to Dave for all the driving. It was worth it, right?



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