Bacon Salt Update #3

Because of my willingness to try all-things bacon, I was mentioned on The Official Bacon Salt Blog today. That really made Becca laugh. I think my mom would be proud. I’ve officially arrived in the bacon blogging world.

Anyway. Today’s episode of Bacon Salt update is brought to you by Jack-in-the-Box. What was the meal of choice? The Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger. Bah! Why spend money on Jack-in-the-Box’s pre-cooked, frozen, unfrozen, slapped on a grill (and quite frankly, not great) slice of pig they call bacon? No, I instead opted for the Ultimate Cheeseburger sans bacon. Once I arrived at the office I added a liberal dose of Peppered Bacon Salt to the mix. Tada. Instant Bacon Salt Ultimate Cheeseburger.

So how was it?

Really good. It tasted like a fast-food burger with real bacon on it, instead of a fast-food burger with fake bacon. Now I know, it’s just a fast-food burger. The real test will be when I add it to Becca’s burgers. If it can add to what is already one of the best burgers on the planet, I’ll be impressed.

Stay tuned for more episodes of Bacon Salt Update.

Same Bacon time. Same Bacon channel.



  1. Tony The Sizzler says

    Why is it when I read your blog, and I see you are talking about bacon salt, I picture you with a banjo in your hands, toothpick out of the side of your mouth, straw hat, no shoes, rolled up pant legs, red and white suspenders, buttoned up sleeves cut off shirt? Your favorite movie isnt deliverance is it?

  2. says

    Kandy: I call it dedication 🙂

    Tony: Your description would be great except my complete lack of musical talent. The banjo would go to waste.

    I prefer to instead think of it like hungry guys sitting around a table o’ snacks watching football on Sunday afternoon.

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