The Apple Keyboard review


Last Tuesday Apple announced their new iMac and with it a new aluminum-clad Keyboard.  There have been rumors floating around since they introduced the aluminum Cinema Displays that a matching keyboard was on the way. That was a few years ago and most just assumed they would stick with the rather crappy keyboard they had been using for years.

I always wondered how they would do an aluminum keyboard. I always assumed it would be silver plastic like the Powerbook and MacBook Pro keyboards. I should have thought simple. A sliver of aluminum with white plastic keys on top.

This one has the slim-type keys from the MacBook. I’ve always used laptop-style keyboards on my desktop machines because I didn’t like the few minutes it took to adjust going from a laptop to a desktop. Most recently I’ve been using the Kensington Slim-Type Keyboard. It took me about an hour to get used to the placement of the keys and now I’m typing as fast as usual. The keys have a great click to them and the travel is miniscule which means you can type a bit faster.


Aesthetically speaking, it matches the aluminum of the Cinema Display and PowerMac beautifully. Yeah, I know all you Dell guys are confused by a keyboard that isn’t a giant hunk of black plastic. Just trust that it’s beautiful and makes the entire office look better.


As usual with Apple, even the box for the keyboard is a work of art.


Overall, this is the best keyboard I’ve ever owned, and I’m a keyboard nut. It will take some getting used to for anyone not accustomed to a laptop-style keyboard but after a very short period you’ll probably be typing faster than you’re used to.



  1. WayneT says

    I’ve just converted from the old original keyboard that came with my PowerMac G5 (andonized aluminum case), and my fingers are still rejoicing two days later. The only thing I can think of that might make this thing any better would be maybe a cup holder, or a GPS or something. It matches my 23″ HD cinema display, to boot. I may just quit using the computer altogether, and sit and look at it all day now. It looks that good…

  2. how cool says

    What does possibly means if my keyboard bent itself on the left corner ?

    I have this keyboard since one week, and I barely used. Last week I was back home from a party, and the keyboard was looking no more FLAT like it was when I opened the box.

    I also thought to some kind of weird hardware keylog being inserted, if is not this the case, then the keyboard (made in china) can bend all alone.

    I will post a picture if anybody is interested

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