And you are?

Inspired by a feature on Anne’s site, I give you the post that’s all about you.

I don’t have a ton of people that stop by here everyday, but it’s enough that I wonder, who are you guys? Post in the comments, who are you, where are you, and what do you do. Also, how in the world did you find me? Got a blog or site? Throw that in there too.

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  1. Connie Wright says

    I’m your Mom … required reading. You do need to correct the time on your blog. I worry about you playing out in the water at 1:24 a.m.

  2. says

    Yeah, I’ve never figured out the time thing.

    “…required reading.”

    You know, when I write my first book, I want a great big quote from my mom on the front. I’d love that.

  3. says

    I’m Dave.
    I am in Austin waiting with arms wide open for your arrival. Okay, I am just waiting for the day you can come tape and float, sweep, hang ceiling grids…

    I am a fellow blogger, albeit I am not as proficient as you or Tony.

    Come visit.

  4. says

    Thanks for stopping by. Ironically I’m following you because somehow I ended up on your twitter page and saw you were in Snyder. I was born there and lived there for the first ten years of my life. We went to Colonial Hill BC.

  5. says

    I’m Kyle, I create videos at a church in San Antonio. I Found your site through the whole ping pong watching fun. I watched too, and then found your site through a comment posted on another site about how strange it was to watch ping pong online…whew.

    I’ve not found a whole lot of people in on the creativity/church online community in South Texas, so at least you are in Austin.

  6. says

    Hey I’m Chad, Publications Director for my church in Kansas City, free lance Graphic Designer, and all around naer-do-well. I am fully posable with life-like hair, and kung fu grip. I am fully self sufficient only requiring regular doses of coffee, and the occasional micro-brew.

    Came across your blog via your twitter, and your twitter via the late night ping pong session at loswhit’s blog.

  7. says

    I’m a telephone tech supporter and I write a blog on WordPress called Big Skye’s Country.
    What I eventually want to do with this blog is write an imaginary travelogue blog written from the first person standpoint of a cartoon angel bear named Skye Goodfellow. I won’t naturally be able to travel to all the tourist traps Skye flies to. I mean have you read the signs outside the gasoline stations lately? The blog will rely more on Web research, interviews with people who’ve actually visited those places, and pictures of the places from photo sharing sites. Should be fun, even if slightly fictional.

  8. says

    Hi, Chad! It was great meeting with you today with “my boys” at the Stephenville Museum. I am a wife, mom and “meme”. I love my family! I am a professional volunteer! I am a life time member in both the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars Auxiliary and the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary and the coordinator for the DAV shuttle the transports the local (area) veterans to their VA doctor appointments in Waco, Temple and Brownwood. I am also the President of the Board of Directors for the Stephenville Museum and By Gone Days on the Bosque Chairman each second Saturday in October. That is how we met. Your were covering a photo shoot involving my guys the By Gone Days Gunfighters. They are a unique group of guys (as I am sure you can testify to after this morning. Any ways, thanks for letting them dress up and have so much fun with you this morning. They do not get to let all hang out very often! Thanks again and good luck in all your ventures! I hope to see you again! ~rr~

  9. Caroline Bailey says

    Hello. Is this a place for everyone to read reviews, or a personal place of friends and family. Sorry, I’m a hair confused.

  10. says

    i’m renee.

    i just found out about wethechurch through a friend’s link.

    i’ve had a long history and a lifetime of abuse associated with Jesus & the Church & God. I wrote about it in a book published by Zondervan, and still struggle.

    my faith looks different, sometimes.

    i do believe.

  11. rmckinno1 says

    Hey Chad,

    Just wanted to thank you for stopping by and commenting on the blog about marriage. I truly covet input from other believers on everything I put out there.

    I am Fred’s Brother (as you know). I live in Dublin, GA. I’m a husband and father of three and work in wholesale plumbing. I am heavily involved in the local church I attend and have led or been a member of Praise and Worship teams for most of my Christian life. Not currently doing that, though. I’m persuing my true calling of being a teacher in the body of Christ.

    Thus the blog. I’m writing a book right now for new christians. Check it out on my blog if you’d like!

    Anyway, thanks. Pleasure “meeting” you.

  12. rmckinno1 says


    One more thing. Can you tell me how you added this feature? I’d love to have it on my blog as well.

  13. says

    Thanks for stopping by Robert. I’m always excited to meet more people using their talents for God.

    As far as this page all I did was make a regular post and then linked to it in the side-bar.

  14. Beth says

    I am Beth. From Virginia. Came across your blog via a friend of mine. I word in marketing for a large firm here in central Virginia. I have been deciding where in life I am and this has helped alot. Thanks for doing it!

  15. says

    what camera are you using. killer shots. would love to chat further. digging your site and love the ‘wethechurch’ project.
    thanks for stopping by the blog.

  16. says

    We are getting ready to launch a large campaign to meet the needs of our community in Orlando, Fl – We have an “I have a story” portal on our site for people to share how God has changed their life. Would love to create something like the wethechurch project to run along side billboards and see what the response would be from he community. Do you think you could help us work on this?

  17. says

    Hey, my name is Douglas from tha state of Oklahoma. A young adult trying to Live Clean for the Lord and myself. Found this when I was alittle down in the dumps about something. Feeling abit better. Great Site and I have suggested it to my friend, She will like it, I believe it. God is good all the time and All the time, God is good!!!

  18. spsphotography says

    Hi, my name is Sarah living aboard the lovely Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base (hubby is a Marine LOL) I’m also a Christian Mom of 7 children, homeschooler and portrait photographer. Just happened upon your blog reading through the photography related blogs and liked what I saw. Many blessings to you and your family!

  19. says

    -i am leanna.
    -i am in nashville.
    -i am currently unemployed & generally boring due to being excessively pregnant, though that will change post-baby.

    -i stalk blog links off sites like (which is pretty nifty, btw. props.)

    loved your about me. it made me laugh.

  20. says

    Nice photos! New to the blogging world and browsing other photographers sites. Thinking about starting a studio myself. I look forward to taking more time to look through/read your blogs!

  21. says

    Hi! I’m Chaplain Sam Houchins and I found your site through a tweet.
    My wife and I are missionaries with a 56 yr-old ministry, Transport For Christ. We serve in a chapel in a semi-trailer parked at a truck stop in Elkton, MD. is our ministry website.

  22. Suzy Clayton says

    I’m Suzy, from San Diego, CA. I am a full time student, teach dance, cheer, and gymnastics to kids, and work at a beach and tennis club. I stumbled onto your blog, thanks to Google. My roommate told me she wanted to try one of those mashed potato burgers from BK. I didn’t believe they existed, so i did a search for “mashed potato burger” and sure enough, your blog came up at the top. I read your review and laughed my ass off. I’ve been hooked ever since.

    P.S. I really appreciate your photography information and pictures. It’s wonderful inspiration for me!

  23. says

    I’m Marcus: Husband, Dad, Christian-who-goes-to-a-UK Sovereign Grace church, Welsh, IT geek, ineffective twitterer, sometimes photographer.
    I saw a reply by mxbx to one of your tweets which made me laugh, so I stopped by!
    Grace and Peace, Faith and Fun to you al yours!

  24. says

    Hi! I’m Lisa and just stumbled upon your site off of Pete Wilson’s blog. I have to tell you, I have such a passion for photography, something feels different inside of me everytime I even think of a photo op…but I don’t know much and would like to learn without going back to school full-time. I love your photos…your talent is amazing. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to learn everything I need to know about taking amazing pics and not wanting to go to school full-time? Right now the camera I have is an Olympus E-volt E500…and I want to take amazing quality pictures. Right now I’m trying to get the whole, White Balance, ISO, Aperture…and Depth of Field under control…I’m so confused! Thanks for bloggiing, Ilove looking at your posts! It’s great someone is willing to share the secrets of their talent!

  25. zestymuz says

    Right. (How come this font is soooo big? Makes me look like an egomaniac). Anyhow, I’m Sheila, I live in Auckland, New Zealand, and I ran across your blog on ProdigalJon. I Love it. Love the comments, love the photography and the creativity of it.. It has a nice, gentle, and real flow about it all the way around Thanks for making the world a prettier place.

  26. Chad Wright says

    Hey Chad, ran across your site because of your interesting name, I always find it entertaining to type in your own name and find a video from someone you dont even know singing happy birthday to you… haha anyways I do like your site and it may inspire me to start one of my own soon. I myself love to write but I have never started a blog but it is definitly in my to do task soon, maybe that will be my New Years Res. 09′ Well hope you have great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  27. says

    I’m Erik but my friends call me Ed

    I found your blog via your Twitter feed
    I’m a husband, father, entrepreneur, photographer, software developer and slacker christian blogger.

    I call Oregon home at the moment.

    It’s 3 degrees outside right now.

  28. says

    Hi Chad, We’ve “met” on Twitter. I’m a home-based professional resume writer who is also the Operations Coordinator for Wausau Whitewater, a non-profit that runs events, training, and fun on a whitewater course in downtown Wausau, Wisconsin. My new president (Michael Schroeder) for WW is a Christian musician who I met on the river and have supported in his ministry since we met. He uses moving video in all of his concerts and was in Austin last January during his southern tour. As I wander through Twitter and meet new people and bloggers, I find myself fascinated by the wonderful people and ideas I have found.

  29. says

    I found your blog linked through Gary Lambs track back post called “You Don’t Want Everyone”. That post has fired me up for some time now and I’m about to release a post that will also track back that post from Gary.

    You’ve got a great blog here. I love the wethechurch site and I’ve got a widget featured on my blog now. Keep up the writing!

  30. says

    Hi, I’m a Leander photograher and I think my two youngest boys met you at the Extravaganza a few weeks back. I was doing a wedding 🙂 I’d love to meet you and chat over a diet coke sometime…

  31. says

    I’m Meghan Arias.

    I used to be Meghan Coffee. While I still play the music, my name has changed.

    I’m a mom and step-mom to 3 boys, ages 10, 8 and 3 and 1/2 with another boy on the way.

    I’m married to the coolest guy on the planet, Zack Arias.

    I found you because you found me first! I dunno how! You commented on my blog, and I wanted to know who you were and now here I am.

  32. says

    Hi Chad! I’m Sara. I live in Cedar Park and I’m a Realtor, freelance writer, wife, and WAHM. I used to tweet as @copywritermom, but I’m now @centraltex_sara.

    I don’t recall who mentioned you originally, but I started following you on Twitter and clicked over to the blog tonight after seeing you tweet about your son’s appendectomy. Thanks for sharing and I enjoy keeping up with you!

  33. says

    Hey Chad!
    My name is Josh Carter and I’m a Youth Pastor out of Leesburg, VA. Nice stuff you have going on here! I’ll bookmark it for sure.
    Keep up the good work.

  34. says

    My name is Brian Davis and I am an aspiring photographer from Iowa.

    I was originally hooked by your wonderful maternity shoot I saw on Twitter, hope you post more on your blog soon.


  35. says

    Hi Chad,

    My name is Michelle. I just started blogging last month about faith in the everyday. Check it out! I’m trying to building my “platform” — I’ve written a book, and turns out, it’s a killer to try to get published with no platform. Who knew?

    I love you photos, especially the one of the grain elevator. Reminds me of Nebraska. I’m originally from New England, so when we pulled into town the first night we lived here, and I caught sight of the grain elevator, I was appalled. It was so hideous; a monstrosity; I’d never seen one before. Now I’m used to them, but they still sort of draw me in and repulse me at the same time.
    Nice to meet you!

  36. says

    Sorry about all the typos in my comment. I’m really tired…my father-in-law is in the hospital for major surgery today…I’m a little distracted.

  37. Chad Wright says

    Hi Chad,
    Great name. I live in Savannah, Ga. I was raised in Iowa, have been married 19 years, we have 4 wonderful children, and are devout Catholics. God Bless you and your family.

  38. Karen Erickson says

    I’m Karen. As I was on the treadmill today listening to Third Day (revelation). Thinking about a lot of things primarily involved with my life and journey I thought I heard the Lord speak to me directing me to blog. It’s not something I feel comfortable with. Anyway I just just browsing Facebook as I often do this time of night and I was reminded. I have some Ideas but I trust God to develop this thing if it is what He truly wants. I googled “journey blog”. And ended up at yours. I’m just checking things out. Will be browsing blogs just to see how they work and praying for guidance. I have a LOT to share. I am 49 years old. A mother of 4 grown children and grandmother to 6 little ones. A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, was a teenage mother, survivor of spousal abuse, survived being married to an addict. Am the mother of an addict, was a single mother for 10 years, mother of sexual abuse survivors, I’ve also had 3 abortions… I’m a child of the living God. Leader of Codependence recovery, the list could continue but those are the BIG ones. I feel Gods calling to share my journey because it is a journey of faith, hope and love. I just don’t quite know where to start yet so I’m exploring. :). Hope all that doesn’t freak you out. :/.
    Thank you for blogging.

  39. KW says

    My name is Kristi. I found your site through a FB friend’s page. He had linked your “Dan” entry (he is really good at sharing great things like this). I read it and felt as if I needed to keep reading!
    I am in West Texas, trying to raise four kiddos to be the best people they can be. Amazingly happily married to the one that I TRULY believe God picked out for me.
    Thanks for the good work!

  40. says

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