The TMNT review


(PG, HD-DVD version)

One of Conner’s birthday gifts today was the HD-DVD version of TMNT. I originally took the boys to see this one in the theater but had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I grew up watching the Ninja Turtles. I was there for all the movies, the cartoons and even had all the toys (much to my mother’s chagrin, that included the sure-to-make-a-mess green ooze). To a kid, you really can’t get any cooler than mutated turtles learning karate and taking on the bad guys.

Now, most movies I’d prefer to see live-action as opposed to going the computer animated route. TMNT doesn’t fall into that category. What really makes this film is the animation. They did shots that could only be achieved inside a computer. These were on par with any of the best action movies out there. It was a pleasant surprise going into what is essentially a kids movie. The first three TMNT movies where all live action and weren’t bad action-wise, but weren’t able to achieve the things this one does.

It was also full of humor, some on the kiddy level, but some that only adults would get. That’s what I love about movies like Toy Story. They are great to watch whether you are a kid or just a big kid. One of my favorites jokes being when they show Donatello as a computer tech-support worker.

“No sir, I’m not playing hard to get,” he says into the phone, “This just isn’t that kind of phone line.”

The high-definition presentation on the disc is top-notch. It’s the perfect way to view the absolutely beautiful animation. The fight-scene in the rain is particularly amazing to watch.

I’ve read a few complaints about the plot being pretty thin, but I think it works. It moves the story along an gets us neatly from fight scene to fight scene, which is really what a Ninja Turtles movie is all about. It has a lot of heart in between, though. The story is really about brothers coming together as a family even though they are all so different.

Filled with some of the best action you’ll see lately, it contains enough holy-crap-that-was-awesome moments and laugh-out-loud jokes to keep the entire family entertained. If you’re like me and have an entire clan of Ninja-Turtle-wanna-be boys it’s the perfect movie to gather round the TV for. Just be ready to have said boys want to kick the snot out of you when they’re done watching it.


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