YouVersion guinea pig

Yesterday I received an e-mail announcing I get to be an alpha tester for YouVersion. I’d like to tell you it’s because of I’m such a prolific writer on all things technology and faith. In reality it’s probably because I shamelessly asked to be included.

Either way after a couple of hours of playing around with it I can say it looks to be one of the best programs around for studying the Bible and sharing your thoughts with the world. It seems to offer many features I’ve been looking for. One of the things I’m most excited about (but it isn’t live yet) is the “Journal” feature. I flat out don’t like writing things down on paper. I’ve never been good at journaling and I’ve never found a “wired” way of doing it that satisfied me. With YouVersion, you can link your thoughts to specific verses and even share those thoughts with other users. I’ve seen other online apps that come close to this, but not with this combination of Bible study and community.

It looks very interesting and they said it was ok to blog about so I’ll take you with me through the testing process.

Join in the conversation here if you have questions for the YouVersion folks.

Or post here if you have questions for me.



  1. […] Each of these factors still may not be ground breaking enough to get you out of bed though. What makes You Version look like it will shine is that it operates in much the same way as many social bookmarking sites. You will also be able to view other peoples thoughts and suggestions – or at least those you wish to. All of these features are better explained in the guide on the You Version website. You can also read a small review for YouVersion at Chad Wright’s blog. […]

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