You suck. Fine, just don’t lie about it.

Businesses tend to use marketing for things it’s not designed for. They will use it to try and cover up problems when it fact it just exposes problems.

Let’s say you have the highest prices in town. If you place an ad that says “lowest prices in town” it doesn’t change the fact that your prices are high. In fact, all it will do is bring people in to discover that you have high prices and also discover that you lie in your advertising.

Before you advertise, please take an honest look at your business. If your employees aren’t very good at customer service, don’t advertise your great service. You can throw all the money you want into marketing, but keep in mind it doesn’t matter what you throw out there as a message if parts of your business are fundamentally flawed. Word of mouth travels faster than your ads. If something is wrong people will know about it and no marketing budget in the world will overcome that in the long run.

I guess honesty really is the best policy.


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