Power cord not included

Of course, having a new house, you have to have new appliances. (I think that’s a law somewhere in woman-land.)

Anyway, while ordering the new washer and dryer, we were kindly informed that the power cord wasn’t included. Now I understand why they aren’t including it. I’m sure the manufacturer and the reseller both make millions a year selling something that should really be included in the box.

But here’s an idea. What if Lowe’s decided they were going to be the company that included the power cord? How great would there marketing be then?

“Need a dryer? Come get one at Lowe’s and we’ll throw in the power cord for free. We feel it should be included and we’re here to take care of you.”

I would buy there even if the appliance was more expensive just for the principle of the thing.

Think about it Lowe’s. And could you please implement that policy before you deliver our stuff?



  1. says

    I learned why they aren’t included recently. Not as stupid as I thought.

    Now, if only Lowes would throw one in if you knew what kind you needed, that would be good marketing.

  2. says

    Yeah, they gave me the whole line too. All home are different so we don’t know which plug you need.

    My answer to that is two things.

    1) When you find out which one we need, give it to me instead of selling it to me.

    2) There are only two, maybe three different kinds of plugs. Just stick both cords in the box. When I bought my Xbox 360 it came with a cord for each way of hooking it up. If Microsoft can do something right, surely these guys can too.

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