Another one bites the dust

I haven’t played much Xbox lately. So it was with great excitement that I found a few moments this evening to fire up Halo 3.

And then I was equally distraught when, upon pressing the  power button, I was greeting by three flashing red lights. For those who haven’t owned an Xbox 360, it’s known as the “Red Ring of Death.” I recognize it because it heralded the demise of my first console. This was the replacement Microsoft sent. And now it has caught the disease too.

The three-year warranty covers this, so it won’t cost me anything. The annoying thing is the repair facility is about 45 minutes from our new house in Austin. Can I just take it to the facility to save time? No, I have to go through their asinine shipping process. Bottom line is it will be about a month before I have a fresh replacement.

I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy an Elite model anyway. Anyone want to buy a fresh-from-the-repair-facility console? Anyone? Dave? Anyone?


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