This verse speaks of God’s grace towards us. I started thinking about things that I should show more grace about. At the end of the day so many things happen that really don’t matter, but we still freak out about them.

How many times have my kids done something easily fixable that really didn’t deserve much in the way of punishment? Instead of letting it slide, I sometimes treat it like something major.

This led me once again to thinking about times I freak out versus times I show grace to others. Usually the freak-out times come when I’m tired. I think God is really trying to speak to me lately about being tired and what it does to me spiritually. I don’t think he’s saying that I won’t ever be worn out. No, he’s showing  me how vital it is to stay close to him, especially when I’m low on energy. It’s in these times that temptation comes and we tend to also be more short tempered.

As we enter this new phase of life, I find myself with a lot of anxiety about it. We are doing what God has called us to, but for some reason I can’t just trust him to take care of it. Business is good right now, which means I am very busy. Add to that getting used to working over a long distance, gearing up for our work at Legacy and being a good husband/father, it’s a lot to take on.

I just pray that I’m a little more graceful than usual through this time.


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