Sunday night mind dump

Every “pastor” blogger I know does a “Sunday night mind dump.” Because of that, I’m loath to do it too, but I’m so fried right now that I can’t think of anything else. So here you go.

Last week was very busy (hence the little blogging I did). This weekend was great, but I am dead tired. We had a good day yesterday doing a few things to relax and hanging out with friends. Church this morning was really great. Worship (and I’m not a big music guy) was amazing. Josh, Shana and the entire team did a great job.

We followed it up with a staff meeting tonight. It was our first one, and honestly an easy ride for me because we are still in the “figuring it all out” stage. However, I think God has laid a lot on Tony’s heart about the future of Legacy and he’s now pushing us to see it through. I can’t tell you how good it feels to part of a vibrant and energetic team that is reaching for what God has.

I’ll try to be back at my normal blogging pace this week. I’ve had a lot of things happen over the last week that are worth writing about.


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