Gary Lamb is doing a series this week on church planting myths. Today’s is “planting modern-style churches is a recipe for growth.”

I don’t even like the title “modern style” because what’s modern now will be traditional here in about ten years. Either way, this all just leads to something Dave and I were discussing yesterday.  We are all called to do things differently. So why is there so much hatred towards different styles among church folk? People from traditional churches look at modern churches and consider them watered down and in many cases un-biblical. People at modern churches look at traditional churches and consider them stodgy and unmoving.

The fact of the matter is everyone of us should be doing what we are called to. We all reach people in different ways, so why can’t we accept that? I won’t wear a suit to church. Does that mean we don’t preach the Bible? Does that mean our people have shallow walks with God? No, it means I don’t place a priority on dressing up.

Traditional churches are filled with people in their Sunday best. Does that mean they are complacent and fear reaching out to others? No. It means they do place a priority on  dressing up.

Part of Gary’s point is there is no formula for getting God’s blessing when starting a church. Be it modern or traditional, if you aren’t called to it, God is probably not going to shower his blessing on it. So figure out exactly the way God has called you to do things. Then go after it. Don’t look around at others and criticize the way they are doing it. As long as a church is doing it’s best to expand the Kingdom, leave them alone.

Focus your efforts on God and what he’s called you to do, not what you feel others are doing wrong.


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