Daylight stupidity time

In the long sad history of bad ideas, Daylight Savings Time ranks somewhere between carrying a small dog in a purse and star bursts as design elements. Which, as you know puts it near the top of the list.

Daylight Savings Time was invented by William Willett, a man who was regularly made fun it in school for being an idiot. (Editor’s note: I added that last part.)

Why is moving time around a good idea? Was Willett the kid who always wanted a time machine, but couldn’t have one? “I’ll show the world,” he said, “I’ll use my control of time to screw up people’s schedules for the rest of, well, time, which I now control completely.” (Insert evil laugh here.)

The point of this rant? My kids who usually wake at about ten minutes ’til seven now wake up before six in the morning.

Thanks William Willett.



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