Quote of the Day

From an Entertainment Weekly article on how the writer’s strike will effect the movies:

Unless Peter Jackson is planning to let his actors improvise all of Tintin or Michael Bay can shoot Transformers 2 without any plot or dialogue (hey it worked for the first one), they may have to wait until 2010.



  1. says

    I remember, very specificly, the plot of Transformers. There were robots. They were in disguise…as cars and stuff. There was a dorky boy, ironically named Lady’s Man. And there was a girl who if she were to have found herself in a paper bag, could not act her way out of it…but I guess she was pretty so it makes it all okay (there are all different kinds of art, you know?). Oh, and there was a big truck that turned into a big robot with lips. And there was a big, silly looking robot named Megatron, which if funny because I knew of a cartoon character named Megatron but he didn’t look like that.

    Michael Bay! You ruined my childhood.

    I’m kidding. I liked it.

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