Smoke signals to Microsoft

I currently find myself the owner to two Xbox 360 systems. While this would seem an enviable position, it turns out you can only play one at a time.  So, I’ve lined up a happy buyer for my extra system. The only problem, I need to get a cable from Microsoft to transfer the data from one of the system’s hard drives to the other. The cable is free. Awesome. Being Microsoft, there will probably be some handy web page I can visit to input my information so they will ship me my free cord.

Wrong. The only way to get the cord is to print the form, fill it out and fax or (and I’m not kidding here) mail it. Mail it? Like the old-fashioned way mail it? Yup.

Microsoft, arguably the largest technology company in the world (though not the best), wants me to fax or mail something to them when it could be accomplished so easily over this newfangled  thing called the internet?

Dave and I were joking Sunday that you mail the form in then they will page you with the proper number to call on your rotary phone where you will receive instructions as to what time of day to send up a smoke signal with your address so they can send the cord via Pony Express.

Sometimes I just don’t understand Microsoft.



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