Last night our cat chewed through one of the wires on the Christmas tree and gave himself a pretty good shock.

“Look babe, he electrocatted himself,” I said grinning.

She stared at be blankly.

“Nothing?” I asked.

“No. Nothing.”



  1. says

    did you ever try to tell your wife something funny that happened at work? It’s really funny in your cube, some joke about somebody mixing up a BRD (Business Requirements Document) with a FRD (Functional Requirements Document) but then you tell your wife and she gives you the “electrocatted” face. (I’m shopping that as a new phrase but I am not sure it works.)


  2. says

    I actually copyrighted that, so you owe me a nickel every time you say it.

    Yes, my wife gives me that look all the time. Only it usually involves me quoting movies and receiving that blank “why did I marry such a dork” stare.

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