Living with me, I don’t think there is much hope for our kids. All three boys came running into the living room tonight just as I planted a nice, long kiss on Becca.

“Oh no!” Colton yelled, “Coming in here was a bad choice.”

“Yuck,” Conner agreed.

“Haha, Dad you’re going to put that on your blog right?” Colton asked, “It was funny what we said.”

“Sure buddy, I’ll put it on the blog.”

I think my kids are now practicing “bloggable” dialogue when they are around me just to see if I’ll put it on here. I guess it worked.



  1. says

    At least they are reading, right? I mean, I do question their judgement a little if they are reading this particular blog. But then again, I read it, so maybe they are a little like me. Scary.

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