Job or ministry?

Anne has a phenomenal post today about ministry being a job versus being the outflow of your relationship with God.

I’d encourage you to click over and join in the conversation. It’s very interesting. Below is my response to it.

The answer to the question is absolutely yes. However, people’s general reaction to the question will probably be flawed. When you say ministry and job, people automatically think “working in a church.” To me a staff position in a church is absolutely a job. You have agreed to be there to manage some part of the church experience and that is a job. I think we’re kidding ourselves if we ever think most church staffers have never done their job while disconnected from God. I include myself in that category. It’s no different than any other job in that respect. You can show up every day with God as your companion or as a distant observer. It’s your choice.

However, ministry is a different animal. Because of my job at church, I have the opportunity to minister to people. This is where the overflow comes in. I can minister out of the overflow and speak into the person’s life. True ministry absolutely comes from the overflow.

Now take that concept and apply it to non-church jobs. Through my business (which is a job), I have the opportunity to minister to people I come in contact with. Again, that’s where the overflow comes in. I’ve also found that when I’m not making the effort to be close to God, the “ministry” opportunities are few and far between. I’ve always believed he’s not going to send people to us if we aren’t prepared.


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