Quick Notes 12-16-07

Today was a challenging day in the kid’s department at Legacy, but in a good way. It’s one of those things that showed me we are headed in the right direction.

God told me to take a nap this afternoon. I listened. He was right. I feel so good right now.

I took all three boys to the mall today by myself. I think I deserve a medal of some kind.

Next week could possibly be the busiest week I’ve ever had and I’ll be on the road for three days straight. Please pray for me.

My wife forced me to buy some new shoes the other day. Apparently I need “nice” tennis shoes in addition to a regular pair of tennis shoes. We found a pair of Airwalks at Payless for about $25.00. I refuse to take them off now. Most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had.

February 3rd is going to be the big kick off day for an entirely reworked children’s ministry at Legacy.

I probably won’t be writing much this next week, except for tomorrow’s first weekly weigh-in in my “Diet Coke is for fat people” challenge.

I got invited to play Disc Golf today. I really wish I could have gone, but it would have conflicted with my God-inspired nap. Maybe next time.



  1. Lainey E. says

    “Diet-coke-is-for-fat-people challenge. That cracked me up. You have a way with words.

    Reminds me of the boss saying the same thing at a proofing a few months ago meeting when M and I were drinking diet coke. Makes me smile every time I think of it.

    Maybe it should be the diet-coke-is-for-fat-people-and-diabetics challenge?


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