DCifFPC Week 1: The great start edition

Diet Coke is for Fat People Challenge Week 1

Week 1 starting weight: 241 pounds
Week 2 starting weight: 237 pounds

Total Challenge weight lost: 4 pounds in 1 week 

Honestly, I planned on losing nothing this week. The first week of a “weight-loss” plan is when I lose maybe a pound and give up because I’ve basically starved myself and am miserable. This week was the exact opposite of that.

I had zero time for exercise (unless you count time spent with Guitar Hero III as exercise). What I did do was stop eating so much. Even if I hadn’t lost a single pound, I’d still be happy. After every meal, not only was I full, but I felt good. Usually meal time means eating until I’m full, then eating until I can’t eat anymore. This ends in me feeling like crap for a couple of hours. Not now. I feel like I have a little more energy.

This week should be interesting. I’ll be on the road for three days straight, which means lots of fast food. We’ll see if I can lose any weight subsisting on mostly fast food.

Drinking Diet Coke? Offended? I don’t really think it’s for fat people. Read the history behind the name here. 



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