2007 in words and numbers

I started this blog (well, not actually this one, but a blog that transformed into this one) in 2006. In all of 2006, I posted 57 times. At the beginning of ’07 I decided to make a concerted effort when it came to blogging. I love writing and I think it’s made me a better one so I didn’t really see it as wasted time.

Well, since that resolution to write on a more-regular basis, I’ve posted 665 times. That doesn’t include this one, and I’ve probably got a few more to bang out before the end of the year. You get the idea, though. That’s a lot of writing. Between this blog and my previous one I had about 8,000 of you stop by this year. I’m not sure why you continue to read, but I appreciate it. This blog has always been a picture of what interests me. It’s nice to know it interests someone else too.

Looking back, this year of writing has led to a few major changes. The biggest would be the fact that I moved my family and business to an entirely different city, and it can all be traced back to this blog. It was blogging that first connected Tony and I and eventually led to us moving to serve at Legacy.

I’ve come to love writing here and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I can’t wait to see what happens on ’08 for me to write about.

Now if I could just get more of you guys to speak up and comment…



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