Two-week wrap-up

I haven’t had time to write much here in the past two weeks so I thought I’d do a quick list of things on my mind.

It didn’t feel like Christmas this year until Christmas day. Kind of disappointing considering I love this time of year.

This was our first Christmas traveling away from home for four days. It was tiring.

Despite being whirlwind I enjoyed the time at both my in-laws and parents houses. I can’t tell you how badly I needed to rest. I still feel short of energy after the past two weeks, but I’m feeling slightly better. My unofficial vacation still runs through next Tuesday. I say unofficial because while I’m on vacation and relaxing I’m still whittling away at the mountain of work I have.

Last week I spent an entire day following my Dad at work and photographing it. It was a blast.

My Mom asked for nothing this year, except that we do something good for someone else. I think it worked out great for everyone.

I had a blast shooting photos for a friend of mine and his three boys. Pictures coming today.

I’m considering selling all my computers and just pairing them down to one new laptop.

Image Studios is changing for the better and will probably look very different by the end of 2008.

Look for posts later today or tomorrow. One on 2007 reflections and one on 2008 predictions.

I can feel God really pulling me towards Him. There is so much on the to-do list for 2008 and every bit of it will require my total reliance on Him.

I forgot how much I like writing here. It helps me decompress and really sort through my thoughts.


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