This may seem a little nuts, but rest assured I haven’t broken open a new bottle of crazy pills. We recently had to sit down and write up our departmental plans for church. As part of that we had to set goals. I began to pray through what I thought God wanted us to do this year and where we could end up. At the end of the process I added up the number of kids we could have each Sunday.

It came out to 90.


That can’t be right, can it? Right now we run anywhere from 10-20 kids a week. How could we hit 90 by the end of the year? How would we handle that many kids? Will we have all the leaders and volunteers we need to handle that many? Wow. 90?

My first thought was, “God hates me. I can’t handle 90 kids a week.” Then I went back and looked through the plan I felt God called us to do. I realized every step of it was set up to handle large groups of kids. It was set up to recruit new people and start new systems. So without knowing it, we built a plan to handle that number. 90 kids is a lot for us. I don’t think we run 90 people a week right now, much less just kids. But God is capable. He can handle it and I need to remember that.

It excites me to think what we will look like as a church body if we have 90 kids. So that’s what we’re praying towards. By the end of ’08 we want to be hosting at least 90 kids across two services every Sunday. And the real goal is not just to have butts in seats, but to see real life change happening.

Pray with us. We’ll need it. God is going to really stretch us this year.


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