I’m not sure if this will require me to turn in my man card or not. If it does, then so be it.

I flat out love HGTV. I could watch it all day long. Seeing them remodeling houses and redesigning spaces is amazing. It’s especially interesting when they have to do it on a budget. The creativity that goes into those shows always inspires me.

I’m tempted to get satellite again just for HGTV.



  1. says

    I secretly watch HGTV and DIY for months. It was only recently that I have come forward with my secret shame.

    Yeah!!! Trading Spaces.

    Now, give me your man card.

  2. Connie says

    If ever you tire of HGTV, flip to TLC for “flipping” episodes. If you don’t know what “flipping” episodes are yet, you will. Allan has treatened to take away our sattelite because of all the ideas I impliment from HGTV and TLC. That is why I have my on little “While You Were Out” project going when he was working away from home for 3 weeks! When he returned home, he didn’t recognize it as home! Now that we have HD, I have two HGTV channels and two TLC channels … always an option!

  3. says

    Connie clearly does not have your best interest at heart. You will be an interior decorator in 3 weeks if you keep going at this rate.

    May I suggest you never post about liking HGTV again? It’s like riding a moped, I’m sure it’s fun (for those that don’t have a big, bad 919cc missile with tires) but you don’t want your friends knowing about it.

  4. says

    Yeah, but I’ll be a manly interior designer.

    Actually a lot of the stuff I find on there inspires some of the advertising design I do.

    The other thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve started looking around at different designs. At Chili’s yesterday, I noticed they had the coolest drop ceiling over the bar and I was sitting there trying to calculate how much it would cost to do the same.

    I’ve already compiled a list of things I want to do to my office once we get some new clients.

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