In the right place

I mentioned yesterday that we are displaying at the Austin Bridal Extravaganza this weekend. This is the first time we’ve really invested in our business beyond equipment. I’ve never had to market or advertise. This is a big change for us. The thing most people don’t factor in, though is extra costs. The display itself is very costly. But we’ve spent almost another 50% on materials to display in the booth. You’ve got to have brochures, cards, flyers, photos. The works.

More and more, though, this feels like the direction God is pushing us in. For whatever reason this is what he has for us this season. I’m not going to complain either. I love photography and have always wanted it to be a larger portion of our business, I’ve just never gone after it. I think God is pushing us to go after it. Despite all the investment and lean times we have right now, I think we’re exactly where he wants us.



  1. says

    I have seen so many times how God stretches someone so thin, preparing their faith, preparing their character, for the next thing, the next blessing, the next assignment. Here’s to the excitement of finding out just how much and how big God is going to show up for you guys!

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