The sheep are on strike

So this is my schedule for the entirety of the last two weeks.

Wake up at about 7:30 and start working at 8:00.

Take breaks for lunch and dinner.

Work until Midnight, give up and go to bed.

Toss and turn for two hours.

Lather, rinse and repeat.

Last night I hit a new low when I decided to go to bed “early” and quit working at 11. The problem was I didn’t really fall asleep until 2. Counting sheep just isn’t cutting it anymore.

You’d think all this time awake would lead to an unprecedented amount of productivity. You’d be wrong. After about 10PM, when I’ve been doing the same thing every night, I just can’t be very creative. Sure the occasional all-nighter can lead to some great work. But every night is starting to wear on me. And the funny thing is we lost one of our biggest clients last month. The bills dang well better get paid after all this work.

I’m really hoping after the bridal show this weekend we can relax a little bit and at least have the impression of a normal life.



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