Liveblogging the keynote

Looks like Twitter is still down. I’m writing my thoughts out here as they happen since it’s not working.

 Time Capsule: Holy crap, a 500GB hard drive combined with an Airport Extreme base station for only $299. I was about to have to buy a new external hard drive and base station. Now they are all in one for the same price the hard drive was going to be. Plus wireless backups. Amazing. I bet this is made to work with the new Macbook Air since it probably won’t have a firewire port.

iPhone: New software. Looks like they are adding a bunch of new features. Wonder if I’ll end up using any of them? Webclips looks cool. Basically ad website bookmarks to the home screen. I need that considering how much I use both Google apps and 37signals apps on my iPhone.  The update is available today free to all iPhone owners. Very cool. Also five new apps for iPod Touch. See there, Steve even included something for Tony. Never mind. Looks like they are charging $20 for the iTouch updates. Tony refuses to line Steve’s pockets more than he has too.

iTunes: Movie Rentals. This better work well with the AppleTV. $3.99 for new releases. No mention of AppleTV yet. Please tell me that’s coming next.

AppleTV: Take 2. Rent movies directly from the Apple TV. No computer required! Yes! HD MOVIES. Available for rent. Didn’t see that coming yet. Looks like a slow rollout of HD, but still. Looks like we can buy TV shows and music now too. Finally. This better be a free update for us early adopters. Looks like we can now surf Flickr photos on the AppleTV too. Very cool. Probably won’t rent too many movies because of my Netflix, but being able to download everything without going to the computer is great. It’s a free update! Price drop to $229. Very nice. I need a second one. Software update available in two weeks. Dang.

MacBook Air:  Thin enough to fit inside an envelope. Wow. Multi-touch trackpad. Interesting. Move windows and rotate photos with the trackpad. Interesting use of the iPhone tech. This is not a stripped down computer. This looks amazing. $1,799. Wow, not bad. Shipping in two weeks.


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