Thanks 37signals

Part of why I love 37signals and their products is because they offer a fully-functional trial. I’ve used Basecamp for a couple of years now to manage our bigger projects. When they introduced Highrise early last year I was very excited about it. While Basecamp organized our projects and allowed collaboration between people, Highrise was used to organize my day. It managed my contacts, conversation and to-dos. When I signed up for it, I found that the free trial fit me perfectly. I would have a fully-functional version of the program as long as I had less than 250 contacts in the system.

After almost a year of use, I finally hit that limit. Tomorrow I’ll be another paying customer for them. Their program has become a very central part of my day. I honestly don’t think I could run my business without Basecamp or Highrise. This is just to say thanks to the guys at 37signals for letting my mooch off them for a year and build my business in the process. Because of that, you probably have a customer for life.


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