The tech shuffle

We’ve had to do a ton of planning for this year and one of the things is looking ahead to tech purchases that we’ll need.

I’ve decided to stick with my G5 Quad for one more year. It’ll still provide the backbone of our production with a little ram upgrade soon. I need to sell my aging Powerbook G4 and get a new Macbook Pro. The benefits to this will be much added speed while on the road and the fact that it can power my 30″ monitor. I’ve already decided we are not hauling the G5 to another bridal show to run the monitor. It is so heavy and just not worth it.

I’m also planning on selling Becca’s Mac Mini and 20″ monitor and either getting a new iMac or the rumored Macbook Air that may be announced tomorrow. She could probably use the iMac’s power for some photo editing but the portability of a slimmed down Macbook would be good to have too.

We’ll also need to get a Nikon D300. I currently use a D200 but I could pass that on to Becca and her D70s would become a true backup camera. Until we can afford to buy one, we’ll have to rent one for every wedding where we both shoot so that we have at least one backup.

Total cost on all that, somewhere north of $6,000. And that doesn’t include things like extra ram and more external hard drives to hold all these new photos we’ll be taking.

I guess $6,000 in overhead for the year is not bad compared with having to do all that and rent a studio space, but still it’s a lot of money.


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