Missing out

I’ve really been enjoying using two links in the sidebar to the right. See what I’m doing leads to my Twitter page. I’ve come to love Twitter recently and have a blog post waiting in the wings to discuss it further. It’s great for keeping up with short thoughts that don’t really go on the blog.

Read what I’m reading links to my shared stories page on Google. There are so many amazingly cool stories that I just don’t have time to link to here on the blog. This allows me to collect them all in one place for you to see.I keep these two links updated daily, so don’t miss out. 



  1. says

    I’m resisting the Twitter bug. Between blogging and making new blog friends, I don’t need one more thing to update! But it seems like everyone is doing it…

  2. says

    I set up a Twitter account last year but never did much with it.

    I’ve started using Twitterrific for the Mac and it is great. It really allowed me to plug into Twitter without it being “one more thing I have to update.” I was just like you, I thought it was cool technology but couldn’t get into it. It took something like Twitterrific to make it simple before I was on board.

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