The and thou

God’s been pushing me to kick off February with a series on prayer. So many kids have no idea how to really pray. They’re picture of prayer is hands clasped, eyes closed, heads bowed and trying to say all the right words. They won’t pray in public because they’re afraid of saying the wrong thing and looking stupid.

I want to raise up a group of kids that really know how to pray from an early age and know the benefits of it. 



  1. says

    How to pray, they is not one way to pray. There are thousands of ways to pray so shoe boxing it is impossible. Do not make vain repetition comes right after the lord prayer. Praying in public is not advised in the bible only to the contrary. We worship to meet the needs of fearful people, mostly women, once you teach the children not to fear love is satisfied, remember love, it is the fulfillment of the law teach love and all fear will be flee and so will your fear failing as a good minister.

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