Thoughts from a fake musician

Friday on my way home from a trip I decided to pick up Rock Band so Becca and I could enjoy it this weekend.Having played a lot of Guitar Hero, I now consider myself to be quite the fake musician. Rock Band is a blast and adds some new instruments in the mix. I try not to be one of those guys who works really hard to find spiritual meanings in everything, but some times they just jump out at me.

  •  When singing, give it your all. Let’s get this out of the way fast; I can’t sing. I sing very badly. I stink. There’s not many other ways to say it, but I just sound awful. However, I decided I’m going to sing like I know what I’m doing. Ministry is the same way. None of us truly knows what we’re doing. We just go out there and give it our all.
  • The drums are hard. Even on the easy setting, I can’t do it very well. This just goes to show you that you can’t sit back, watch someone else and assume you can do it better. The drums are hard. Ministry is hard. If you think you have it all figured out, you just wait.
  • You occasionally have to help out your band mates. If you play really badly and get booed of stage, your band mates can kick it into overdrive and bring you back. This is so ministry. It seems like an entire church staff is never firing on all cylinders at once. Someone is going to be going through things that are dragging them down and it’s up to us to pick each other up with prayer and friendship.
  • Stage diving in front of the television isn’t very exciting.

On a side note, we had Dave and Cheri over to play. While we were fake-rocking out, Cody lined up chairs in front of us and put stuffed animals in them so we would have an audience. Very cute.



    1. says

      Got here through Flowerdust. We played Rock Band a few weeks ago and it was great. As I read your post, I kept thinking about the metal band Ministry. I’m not a fan of theirs, but in the context of Rock Band, it just kept popping in my head!

    2. says

      Welcome to the group.

      Never heard of the Metal Band Ministry but now I’ll have to look into them. I’ve always liked the idea of very specialized ministries going after a specific target.

      I’ve found things like Rock Band open up odd ministry opportunities you wouldn’t really think about. That’s how I justify spending the money, anyway 🙂

    3. says

      Ministry, the band, is kind of like the antithesis of what ministry is. It’s industrial-metal with a less than positive slant. I don’t think you will like them.

    4. says

      All right, I’m an idiot. I was thinking of some kind of ministry using a heavy metal band. Not the heavy metal band Ministry.

      Yeah I’ve heard them before. No, I wasn’t crazy about them.

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