“That guy”

It seems like people in business are rarely on top of things. These days it’s hard to get people to do exactly what they say they will. I occasionally fall in to that category too.

I’ve been expecting some information on a project for about two weeks from a person. They’ve promised it several times. If I didn’t get the specs soon, the campaign wouldn’t be done in time and my client wouldn’t be happy with me as a result. Today I e-mailed the person, again. I was sorely tempted to copy their boss on it but I didn’t want to be “that guy.” I’ve been behind on things in my previous career. Occasionally I would have someone e-mail me about it and copy my boss. I always hated that. If I deserved it, I didn’t mind. But if it was the first e-mail I wasn’t happy about it. It was like dealing with the tattle-tell in third grade.

So today as I typed the e-mail I conveniently left their boss off the mailing list. One last chance I figured. I didn’t want to be the tattle-tell after all. Lo and behold, I got the specs very quickly. Sometimes it pays to be nice.


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