Tools of the trade

Inspired by Los’ post, I thought I’d do a quick list of the tools we use to do what it is we do. Side note: Am I the only geek who loves seeing what other people use to be creative?

In the office:
PowerMac G5 2.5 Quad w/7GB of Ram and two 300GB internal HDs.
30″ Apple Cinema Display
Two 300GB Maxtor external hard drives
1TB Western Digital external hard drive

Becca’s rocking an old Mac Mini with a 20″ ACD right now but I’m about to replace it with a new iMac.

On the road:
iPhone 8GB
MacBook Pro 2.2 Core 2 Duo with 2GB of ram and a 120GB HD
WD Passport 120GB external HD

Shooting gear:
Nikon D200 and D70s (D300 is on the soon-to-buy list)
2 SB-800 Flashes
Lenses for all occasions
About 11GB of compact flash cards

Adobe Creative Suite 3 – All creative design work
Aperture – Photo editing/organization
Basecamp – Online project organization
Highrise – Online CRM and to-do manager
Backpack – Personal organizer and calendar
Campfire – Online chat tied in with Basecamp projects
Gmail – All roads lead to Gmail
Garageband – Spot recording
Writeroom – Writing…in a room
MS Office – Slowly switching to Google Docs
iMovie – I have the Final Cut Studio suite but just prefer iMovie for simplicity
Apple Suite – iCal, Address Book, Mail, iSync, iChat, iPhoto
iTunes – Gotta have music, and lots of it
Billings – Billing software
Transmit – FTP software
Twitterific – Makes tweeting easy
Flickr – Indispensible for photo-lovers

Entertainment: To stay sane
Xbox 360 Elite
Apple TV fed wirelessly from a 1TB hard drive
A really big friggin’ TV


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