WordPress/Feedburner help

For the non-tech savvy, this isn’t the post your looking for. Move along. Move along.

For the tech-savvy: I’m considering moving my blog to a self-hosted domain unless I can figure out some way to get Feedburner working. I have a Feedburner feed set up, but the only way to it is by clicking the “Subscribe” link to the right. Any time an RSS reader quarries my blog, it defaults to the built-in RSS feed. Any way to change this while still being hosted on WordPress or do I have to go to my own domain and use FeedSmith? I’ve got quite a few people I know personally who subscribe to the RSS feed but their numbers aren’t reflected in my Feedburner stats.

E-mail me with the “Talk to me” link to the right or IM me. My AOL IM address is chadwright@mac.com.



  1. says

    Checking into it right now. I’m not sure it’ll do what I need, though. I have plenty of feeds right now, I just need to get them all pointed in one direction.

    On a side note: Is there no end to really great little applications for the Mac in the $30 range? It’s part of why I love using a Mac.

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