New obsession

It’s a pretty widely known fact that everyone wants to be a writer. I do a fair amount of writing for various clients, but it’s definitely not the majority of what I do. And it’s usually not fiction (unless you count ad copy, which can sometimes, sadly, be fiction).

Now, enter my new obsession/hobby, Ficlets.

Ficlets is an amazing site that’s been around for a while, I just haven’t jumped on board. Basically it allows you to write fiction and creates a community around the stories. Once you, or anyone else, writes a short story, any other member can pick it up from there and write a prequel or continue the story as a sequel. When I say short story, I mean short. You are only allowed to use 1,024 characters. Usually it’s enough time to quickly set up a story and then wait to see if anyone else runs with it.

I picked up a story last night, Suicide Dog by Will Hinmarch, and continued it with a sequel. You can read the original here. Now read my take here. Disclaimer: It’s a fairly depressing story so you might not want to read it, but Will did an amazing job writing the first part and I was hooked.

It was very interesting trying to edit my story down for the format. I had so many ideas and descriptions that I left on the cutting room floor as it were. First I wrote out the story as I wanted to. After finishing, it was about 650 characters too long. So some massive editing had to be done. I could, of course, have probably just cut it in half and published it as two sequels, but I really wanted to try my hand at writing in the allotted space. I wanted to create something that continued the first story in the exact same vein and left a relatively open end for someone else to pick up if they wanted too. Part of the reason I like this exercise is because it requires that I give up creative control. I tend to be very protective of my work and not want anyone else working on it. Can’t do that on Ficlets. If you publish there, you’re openly saying, “Take this and run with it.”

Take a look around Ficlets and let me know what you think.



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