Live from Uganda


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You’ll notice a new link to the right. It will take you to where Anne Jackson will soon be headed to Uganda. This is really an amazing experiment. They’ve gathered together a group of bloggers to go to Uganda and document their trip in words and pictures (and probably a little video too). The goal seems to be to redirect all the inward focus and selfishness we have in abundance here and see if we can make a difference to people who really need it.

The cool part is they are spreading the word through bloggers and their communities. Should be interesting to watch. They are braver than I am. So far they’ve had to endure any number of shots to guard against weird diseases. They would have lost me at the first needle. Oh and there is that little matter where they could be killed by rebels or something. Either way it’s not exactly a recommended vacation spot.

Let’s watch what happens. This is a way we can help save lives from the comfort of our over-priced homes. Should be challenging if nothing else.



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