Seeing through the posturing

You ever say something as a parent just because you can, whether it really makes logical sense or not? Then your kid calls you on it?

All three boys have had a very low-grade fever the past few days. It was enough, though, that we kept Colton home from school on Thursday and Friday. The thing is they don’t really seem sick. Perfectly normal, just with a fever.

We were driving home from church on Sunday.

“Mom, are you going to check our temperature again tomorrow morning?” Colton asked, “I might still have a fever.”

“It doesn’t matter if you have a fever, you’re going to school,” I said out of annoyance.

“Ok,” Colton said in a slightly worried voice, “I guess I’ll just get my classmates sick.”

Aren’t they supposed to be teenagers before they say things like that? And who says classmates except in an effort to make their dad feel stupid?


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