Don’t work?!

Something I’ve ignored for a very long time is observing a Sabbath day. It should be a day to reconnect with family and relax.

No work.

That’s really hard for me. I think God’s been pushing me to start doing a better job of it. I need one day a week when I don’t work. A day to just spend with the family relaxing. That sounds crazy, even as I write this, but it’s what the Bible lays out and I think I’m starting to feel the effects of not doing it.

I’m tired. My body has been pretty well abused for the past couple of years by constant work and stress. I find it hard to sleep at night but hard to get up in the mornings. By about 3 every afternoon I’m ready to give up for the day and take a nap. I’ve been told that if you don’t take a Sabbath, God will make you. Sometimes he does that by just shutting you down and making you stop.

My relationship with my family also isn’t as good as it should be. I find my temper short with the kids these days.

So practically how do I do it? Saturdays are sometimes good days but we have a ton of weddings coming up that are going to eat those up. Sundays are not good days. For anyone on staff at a church, you know Sundays are all about work, not relaxation. And if I call Sunday afternoons my Sabbath I’m really short changing my family badly. After teaching and getting the church ready on Sunday morning I’m pretty fried that afternoon and not a ton of fun to be around. It sounds like I’m just going to have to set a day, like Saturday, and make that my day. No work. Just family and relaxing. If a Saturday is full I’ll have to pick a day in the week and actually take off.

That’s a pretty hard challenge to reclaim a day in my schedule. But I also know if I don’t do it now, I won’t have much in the way of a family or physical health when I finally do take the time for it.

So how do you observe a day like that, or do you?



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