Sylvia & Robert engagement session

Last Sunday I spent the afternoon with Sylvia and Robert in downtown Austin. A huge part of photography is connecting with people so you do the best work possible. I had a blast connecting with them and learned a lot too. Robert is in the Army and will be headed back to Iraq about a month after their wedding. Being an armed forces geek I loved hearing his stories.

You can view the rest of the photos here.

Sylvia & Robert
Sylvia & Robert
Sylvia & Robert
Sylvia & Robert
Sylvia & Robert
Sylvia & Robert
Sylvia & Robert
Sylvia & Robert



  1. says

    I felt a little off my game that day for some reason, but I’m very proud of the work. We really did have fun and that makes the photos so much better. Then it’s not about posing in various spots, it’s about documenting a fun afternoon.

  2. Sylvia & Robert says

    The pictures are so good. We had so much fun. We talked about how much we truly enjoyed your company and how we looked forward on working with you in the future. THank you so much.
    — Sylvia&RObert

  3. says

    We’ve still got bridal photos and then the wedding. Can’t wait to do all that.

    The pictures are only half the reason we do this. The other half is meeting so many cool people.

  4. Renee Bowman says

    I love these pictures. They make such a great couple. He is such a handsome boy, of course, I would think that, I am his mom. I hope the rest of the pictures will turn out this nice.

  5. says


    Glad you like them so much. They really are a lot of fun. I guess you take the credit for raising a good son. I know my mom does 🙂

    Can’t wait to meet you at the wedding.

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