Every man wants to be James Bond

All right, geeky confession time. The main ringtone on my phone is the theme from James Bond. It’s the part of the song that kicks in every time he does something particularly Bond-like. So after years of watching the adventures of 007 my mind is conditioned to respond to that particular tune.

My phone rings. My brain naturally jumps to the assumption that I’ve just done something spectacular. And so it becomes easier to pretend I’m really a secret agent.

So it makes me laugh when I sit in the coffee shop and hear that familiar song coming from someone else’s phone. The man picks it up and gives a look around the coffee shop that says “What I’m about to discuss is top secret so don’t even look in my direction.”

Men will be men I guess.

This post pairs well with “Just like James Bond” and a vodka martini. Shaken, not stirred.


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