How to tackle a six-armed bear

Do you ever have those projects that, for whatever reason, you just don’t want to do and keep putting off? I seem to have them a lot. So I began examining them to figure out why they always ended up being finished late.

I discovered it wasn’t a particular thing I liked or disliked about the projects. It was the fact that I didn’t have everything I needed to get it done.

If I have a project in front of me and I have all the pieces, I’m usually inclined to dive right in. If it’s something where I can clearly see each step and what must be done, I get it done fast.

If I don’t have all the pieces, I liken it to wrestling a six-armed bear. While I’ve never done this personally, I’m assuming it would be quite the undertaking. Where do you start when wrestling a multi-appendaged bear? I’m not really sure (I’m picturing a contraption with six bear traps mounted on it), but I think that analogy derailed a few sentences ago. I’m going to leave it though, because I like the title. Plus I want to attract people on Google searching for mutant bear sightings.

Where were we? Oh yes, projects. Let’s say I have project A in front of me. It’s missing three elements for me to complete it. Before doing any preliminary work, I sit down and list out everything I’m missing. I then proceed to getting those elements so I can begin work in earnest.

Otherwise I just stare at the project overview and the deadline and hope the two never meet. It works so much better if I have everything at once.



  1. Connie says

    I hope the project I sent you isn’t a 6-armed bear. In fact, I hope it isn’t a bear at all. I don’t want or need this project to “go to the dogs” so to speak. Then we would be talking about four-legged donkeys!

  2. says

    Ha. I’m going to have to post the ad when we’re done with it so all the readers will know what you’re talking about.

    No, that’s one where I have a clear picture of the final concept and all the pieces I need.

    I get plenty of projects that have fifteen steps before I can ever even get started on them. Those I’m not as fond of.

  3. stevevogel says

    You said it Chad. I just realize I go through the same thing when I get handed projects. I never really questioned why I didn’t like doing them, but that’s exactly it. Now I know to ask for the right information. Oh, and I’ll drop you a line if I capture a mutant bear sighting. I hear they’re rabid in these parts.

  4. says

    Glad I’m not the only one. Most of my posts are just me throwing my flaws out there to the world in the hopes that someone will say, “Hey, me too.”

    Send pictures of the mutant bears. I think I could be on to a huge driver of traffic. šŸ™‚

    Thanks for reading.

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