The Rule of 30

So we have this problem. Colton hasn’t been doing his homework. And short of calling the teacher every day we have little way of knowing if he’s lying to us or not. He’s been hiding parts of his homework and just not doing it.

Side note: I did the same thing in school and fully expect a comment from my mom about sweet, sweet revenge.

Anyway, he’s been ignoring his homework for the most part. So I started to think about why he, and historically myself as well, does this. That’s when I came up with the “Rule of 30” (which, by the way, I have now patented and you owe me a quarter every time you say it).

It goes a little something like this. As kids we think 30 minutes in front of us and no more. He’s thinking “I don’t want to do my homework now, I’ll do it later.” The problem is he keeps thinking this until there’s no more time left in the day. He’s concerned with his immediate entertainment, not the consequences for not doing his homework. Because those consequences don’t come in the next 30 minutes, they aren’t even considered.

As we get older, it still applies. Teenagers will think 30 hours ahead. They begin to plan out their days and what to wear. However, they still don’t see consequences for their actions if those repercussions are more than 30 hours away.

Once we enter our 20s and start to contribute to society, we start thinking 30 days ahead. We still live like we’re seven, though. “Sure I can afford this TV now,” we think, not considering that 30 days later we have to pay rent.

It continues on and on until finally, when we’re too old to do much about it, we begin to think 30 years in advance. We begin to think of our legacy and the things we can do for our children and grand children.

So why don’t we try thinking beyond the Rule of 30. Let’s break it. When we’re in our 20s, let’s start thinking and planning 30 years in advance. Let’s work on our legacy now.

This post pairs well with “Thinking globally” and a home cooked meal at Grandpa’s house.



  1. Connie says

    … sweet, sweet revenge doesn’t even begin to touch on the subject. That is if I was the type of mom who relished in “pay back”! My advice, just sit back, relax and watch the gray hairs come in. You, too, someday will look back and see what I see today.

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