Geek confessions

Because I’m booked up night and day from now until Monday I thought I’d just post a question to tide you over.

I’ve always told the kids in my classes that everyone is a geek about something. We all try to pretend we’re cool but the truth is most people are a little insecure and in their private moments just a little bit geeky. And I don’t just mean you’re into nerdy stuff. I mean there is something in your life that you enjoy or do that other people would look at as…odd.

So I’ll give two geek confessions to get things going.

Geek Confession #1: As a teenager I read Star Wars novels.

Geek Confession #2: As an adult I can afford the audiobooks of the novels so I just buy those. And I still enjoy them.

So be honest. What are you a geek about?



  1. says

    I have always been kind of cool. It’s true.

    Playing kickball….Cool!

    Excessive hand-washing….Cool!

    30+ and still wearing a faux hawk….Cool!

    Quotes such as “Groovy”, “Give me some sugar, Baby”, and “Hail to the king, Baby!”….Super Cool!

    You want to be like me, I know.

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