From Spider-man to….Jack Ryan?

Rumor has it that Sam Raimi, director of the Spider-Man films (and the legendary Evil Dead series) may take on the next Jack Ryan film. I’m a fan of all the Jack Ryan films so far and a huge fan of Raimi, but is he right for those films? That’s like asking him to direct a James Bond flick. Who knows, maybe he’ll be just what the series needs.



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    Yeah, you remember that time the action and sci-fi director…what is him name…oh…anyway, he decided to direct a movie about the holocaust and it turned out to be Shindler’s List? Didn’t work out too well.

    Wish they would have found someone else to do that one, like Brett Ratner maybe.

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    Or, do you remember the reaction to the guy that directed the Evil Dead series directing Spiderman? I don’t remember it being real positive but I know I was pumped.

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    Oh, and then there was that guy that directed The Frighteners and Meet the Feebles that New Line got to direct some series about little short people with big, hairy feet. The hack!


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    Just wondering out loud.

    I’m more curious to see if his style changes to fit a Jack Ryan movie or if it stays in the same Spider-Man style.

    His style didn’t really change much from his Evil Dead days to Spider-Man.

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