I could kiss the IRS

So here’s the deal. With my current schedule I’ve been unable to participate in most of my normal activities. This includes little things like, oh I don’t know, actually reading the news. So I had no idea about the IRS refund checks going out.

I saw Tony write something about it so I looked into the qualifications. Turns out I should qualify and it might be a decent amount considering I have three kids.

Of course that will only briefly offset my anger at the very large check I’ll have to send them next month.

Now what could Image Studios use? I’m leaning towards another camera. Or maybe a TV for my office. Or…oh wait, Becca reads my blog. Never mind. Excuse me for a minute.

Good news, babe. We will be getting a small check from the IRS. It’ll be just enough that I can take you out to a very nice meal on our way to Best Buy to look at TVs.

Now that that’s taken care of.

The IRS stimulus check has definitely stimulated me. Now, what will you spend your check on?


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