My day

Drive to Fry’s. Find I’ve forgotten my wallet. Drive back home.

Later drive back to Fry’s. Make purchases. Discover I’ve lost my phone.

Backtrack all the way through Fry’s and find phone.

Lose Colton on the way out of Fry’s.

Find Colton after being paged over the intercom.

Leave Fry’s only to get lost trying a “shortcut.”

Get back on track and head home.

Make wrong turn and get lost again.

So what was the theme for the day?



  1. says

    Very clever. Like an idiot, I kept clicking your link, expecting to be taken somewhere else.

    I hate days like the one you had. I hope tomorrow is better for you.

  2. says

    Sounds like you were stuck in the same weird loop I was today. I add the links to make it easier to comment.

    Tomorrow will definitely be better. I’m going nowhere near Fry’s. 🙂

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