The Burger King Loaded Steakhouse Burger review

Do not, and I repeat do not, under any circumstances purchase a Loaded Steakhouse Burger from Burger King.

What does it taste like?

It tastes like a baked potato went out for a night on the town. He danced and drank all evening and stumbled home in the wee hours of the morning. With blood-shot eyes, he entered his apartment. His roommate, the steak burger, met him at the door. The sweaty baked potato promptly threw up all over him. Then a Burger King employee bound them together in a wrapper and put them on the menu.

I’m not kidding.


  1. Dave says

    This burger sounds fantastic. Thanks for your review, sorry your taste buds havent been calibrated. This burger tasted like Jesus made it at a cook out in heaven.

  2. Kyle says

    I haven’t tasted the splendor that is this burger yet, but I shall. When I do, you can be sure that the clouds will part and I will ascend into a blinding light of pure ecstasy. Granted, I’ll be dead from a massive heart attack, but hell, can’t blame me for wanting to burger down and throw up high-fives for christ.

  3. says

    SaneMan (he is a swell guy) said :It’s basically big flat #%*$ undercooked burger that looks like the barbeque rib sandwich I used to eat in junior high, then on top, theres’ fake onion bits and BBQ sauce, then on top of THAT there’s this vomit looking %$&@ thats supposed to be baked potato with “”REAALL”” bacon bits and chives.

    It’s #@$%& gross, and I knew I shouldn’t have gotten it, but my curiousity always gets the best of me.

  4. says

    Sorry for the editing, I got a few kids that read this.

    But yeah, it’s nasty. Just nasty. I couldn’t even finish the whole thing. And if I can’t finish something, it has to be bad.

  5. Fizblix says

    Not sure what was up with mine… had a tiny piece of lettuce that was gone after the 2nd bite… no sauce on it… had to get some mayo and ketchup from the fridge. I had no idea what it was, just looked at the menu and saw a big picture and said “i want that” About halfway through eating it i was wondering why i was tasting mashed potatoes. Wasn’t sure if it was some goo coming out of those onion things or actual mashed potatoes.

    Anyhow, I thought it was allright… it hit the spot. i probablly wouldnt buy another one, but i’m not big on BK and usually don’t go there if there is another option. I was just lazy today 😉

  6. says

    I don’t think the potato part would have been so bad if it actually tasted like real potatoes.

    Oh well. Lesson learned. I’ll always keep separate my steak, hamburgers and baked potatoes.

  7. Michael says

    Oh my goodness. I purchased the regular steakhouse burger through the drive-thru, and they gave me this instead. If I wasn’t in a hurry, I would have turned around. The single-most disgusting piece of fast food I have ever ingested (I was surprisingly hungry). Ugh.

  8. Jim says

    BK Loaded Steakhouse Burger is gross! I tried it mainly today because I had a Buy One Get One Free Coupon and figured why not. But even after paying $4.39 for two of them using the coupon, I wish I didn’t buy it and want my money back. I couldn’t even finish my FIRST burger for lunch. And here I am reading the terrible reviews on this sandwich online and trying to finish up my SECOND burger for dinner (hey, I was raised to not waste food and money!)…and it’s somehow a little better. Maybe the fake mashed potatoes morphs into something different after six hours of sitting in the fridge(Like Italian Food). SUM IT UP: DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY EVEN WITH A COUPON!

  9. tim says

    this thing was a huge waste on burger kings part, unless i almost think it was on purpose, to pull in fast money and discontinue it, its terrible. BK normally has decent stuff but this makes the mc donalds ripwich look great. It sounds like it will be good but it taste really crappy, ONLY due to the fact they use very cheap tasting rib meat, SCHOOL QUALITY, its not tasty by any means, I felt a little sick after eating it, BTW mine had grissle in it.

    If they used their normal angus burger patty it would have been good.

  10. Brandon Morris says

    I’ll probably NOT buy one – but I read through all the posts here and wondered, WHY am I reading reviews of Burger King burgers when I have so many other things that need to be done…

    I find myself doing the things that I know I shouldn’t and not doing the things that I know should…but I’m working on it…

  11. says

    At least you aren’t the only one. I’ve written almost 1,000 posts here and the friggin’ burger review has more views and gets more traffic than anything else.

  12. says

    Actually I’m an incredibly picky eater. Except when it comes to fast food. If it’s a burger joint, I’ll most likely eat anything on the menu.

    In fact, on paper the Steakhouse burger is tailor made for me. In reality, though….not so much.

  13. Lesley says

    Yeah, I see what you’re saying Chad. The burgers never seem to look like what they do in the pictures. They are just a flattened piece of slop by the time we get them.
    The funny thing is, I never write on blogs and the one I decide to is about disappointments on a burger!! Its fun sharing though, thanks Chad.

  14. says

    Against all warning, I tried this burger…

    It was fantastic. I don’t understand the complaints! I felt like God himself was smiling down upon me while I ate this masterpiece.

    Funny post/comments 🙂

  15. says

    Obviously someone liked it. Otherwise they’d have pulled it by now due to poor sales.

    I’m vaguely tempted to try another one.

    My stomach just did a somersault. Temptation ended.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  16. Jacob says

    I thought it was good, not what I was expecting though. In reality, this burger is a pretty risky move on BK’s part, being that it’s such a departure from the norm in the fast food industry. So props to BK on being creative, but the problem with being risky is that some people will like it, and some won’t.

  17. Steve says

    Slogging my way thru one right now…
    Scraped the spuds off to the side, salted ’em up and they’re ok like that (or at least edible). On the burger itself, not so much.
    The burger itself is a da– hockey puck.
    Not impressed.
    First and last one I ever have.

  18. Wil says

    I found that if you pour on quite a bit more A-1 sauce and scrape off the patato poop, it’s still rough to swallow.

  19. Bobby says

    The fully loaded steakhouse burger was probably the best burger I’ve ever had from a fast food joint. This tasted like a steak dinner on a bun. WHAT BURGER FROM A FAST FOOD PLACE ISNT FAKE NASTY MEAT?!?! You people need to realize that you’re eating at a fast food restaurant, not some gourmet place, not even Fuddruckers. Its not gonna be filet mignon and they’re not gonna bake their own potatoes in the back.

  20. says

    My wife & I had a coupon for the Buy 1 get one.. After eating it, we had to look it up & find out what others had to say. The initial review of the baked potato & his roommate was right on. 5 hours later, three shots of Pepto, 4 rolaids, and a 1/2 gallon of h20, & my stomach still feels like %#$@! This is the worst tasting piece of garbage I have ever eaten, & I have eaten a lot of crap. Boycott the Steakhouse #@$%house Burger! It’s worse than Al Quida!

  21. Josh says

    I got food-poisoning from this demon. Not an hour went by for over 3 days where I wasn’t in the bathroom. I woke up one morning drenched in sweat. Seriously, my shirt had not one dry spot on it. Is this thing supposed to be cooked less or something? Funny though, my large friend had the other one and she was alright. Good for her to take care of me for the 4 days though.

  22. Mickie T. says

    I hated the loaded one, but I love the regular steakhouse burger. You know, the one WITHOUT the undercooked spuds? I’m eating one right now, and it’s delish. That and a cold root beer really hits the spot.

  23. says

    Oh my goodness, I had one today. I can’t believe I ate that whole thing. And it wasn’t even good with those crispy onion ring crumb things on it. Ugh. I may never recover.

  24. Jason says

    I got one today and it was horrible. For one, it was smashed down to around an inch thick. Two, the patty was like beef jerky, and this after waiting for longer than usual at the drive thru window, which in itself is no big deal but you would think it would mean a fresh burger. I know I will never order another.

  25. Sammy says

    This was the best burger other than the whopper I’ve tasted from BK! It really hits the spot and it tastes great! Bacon, chives, potatos, steak, A1 steak sauce…Really good…And I ate the whole thing! It was huge!


  26. OMG says

    Just had one. I thought it was pretty good. I was curious to see the specs…

    Calories: 970
    Fat Grams: 55
    Sodium: 2190 grams

  27. URanIDIOT says

    The loaded steakhouse burger is the best fast food item I have eaten in my entire life. You must be a tofu munching, tree hugging hippy. Quit blogging and go have a cobb salad.

  28. walter moore says

    Alright. I got sucked in to the new steakhouse burger by watching the advertisement during the all star game.. I am eating it now… Yeah, it doesnt look like it does on the commerial (which will soon be false advertising once i pass the bar), but the burger is damn good.. So shutup everyone and take a bite.. Shame on local buger kings for making it look gross, but shame on you asses for saying its gross.


  29. rompope says

    wtf are the little flakes its got if you buy the loaded version seems like a fail to me might as well eat this thing…

  30. Sidsel Roine says

    No one should be surprised. Burger King is notorious, at least among my circle of friends, for “tasting cheap”, cheap, tangy tasting meat. Or, as a friend put it, “It’s like eating the King’s ass.”

    They talk a big game, and have good looking burgers in the commercials, but they almost always disappoint. The only thing “Angus” about their meat is that the cow *might* have been named Angus.

  31. Darryl says

    Had one today, just because BK is close to my work, and I was bored with my usual chicken sandwich. Sounded good.

    And actually, I liked the crunchy onions and the other stuff. But I’d like it WAY better at half the size, and less of the goopy stuff on top. A Whopper JR sized burger with the onions and much lighter on the potato stuff would have actually been good. As it was, I ate half, and now I never want to see one again.

  32. Fidge Dextro says

    Due to the poor service in every Burger King I’ve ever entered in Orlando, I’ve been on a BK BoyKott for about two years. I broke it only once to try their Omelette Sandwich, which was only “enormous” as an insult to THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY (and my arteries). But then I saw those posters go up and couldn’t believe it. The whole concept just sounded wrong. Those cooks in the BK test kitchen must be smoking some serious crippy to have come up with this fast food freakshow of a sandwich. Obviously, I found the thing inedible, but what bothered me most was their promoting it as a burger topped with a stuffed baked potato. Spreading a layer of instant mashed potatoes on top of cheese and bacon slices does not replicate the taste or texture of a hand-scooped, hand-mixed, twice-baked tater. And I didn’t detect any sour cream in the mix either, a crucial mistake. Absolutely terrible. What this Abominable Burger of the Idahoans reminded me of most were the gross-out concoctions me and my friends used to come up with during grammar school lunchtime. Things like dipping pizza into chocolate milk, spreading mustard on an ice cream sandwich and, come to think of it, putting instant mashed potatoes on a hamburger! Too bad we eight-year-olds didn’t know about copyright protection back then. Anyhow, back to the BK BK.

  33. BK boy says

    The steakhouse burger with lettuce and tomato tastes like a burger.. the LOADED steakhouse burger tastes like lame… Seriously, it tastes dry and boring…..

  34. Amanda says

    My opinion is, you either love this burger or hate this burger. I myself, am the former. I’ve never had such a good burger. I’ve never really liked BK, but this sandwich is great. I try not to eat too many, I can’t imagine ingesting 970 calories four times a week is healthy.

    But a great sandwich, in my opinion.

  35. Aleutian1 says

    Repugnant. Who in the hell wants mashed potatos on top of a burger all mixed up with A1 sauce? A1 and potatos have no business being mixed together. Ghastly. I’m dry heaving just remembering the horror.

  36. says

    I made the mistake of ordering one of these while not entirely certain what I wanted at the drive-thru. I found this blog by searching Google to see if anyone else thought it was as terrible as I did; I can see I’m not alone. My primary complaint is the quality of the meat: as mentioned above, it’s definitely on par with the patty-formed slop I ate back in my elementary school days. If you think it tastes good, you’re likely one of those imbeciles who believes that mechanically separated pork and chicken hot dogs or bologna taste as good as their all-beef counterparts (you’re still wrong, by the way).

    The patty was mushy and mealy, the toppings were a menagerie of indistinct-tasting slop, and the potatoes were bland and flavorless. I think the only decent part of this monstrosity was the bun. If only everything else about it were different.

    A shit-ton of cold ketchup made it semi-palatable, but that doesn’t mean it’s anywhere near worth buying. Probably their worst menu item.

    DO NOT BUY THIS BURGER. Unless you like terrible food; and if you do like it, you’re still irreparably brain-damaged. I hear they sell shotguns at Wal-Mart; fortunately, you’ll only need one slug.

  37. URanIDIOT says

    Why do you people continuously forget that BK is a FAST FOOD place? Why do you all expect a gourmet burger from a BK? Get off your high horse, sit down and enjoy the burger. Most of you are probably fat slobs inhaling the thing while pulling away from the drive through. A1 and mashed potatoes are a great combination, crispy onions and hamburger is a great combination, add bacon to that and you have a winner.

  38. says

    Words don’t begin to describe how nasty this thing is. At $5.00 a pop I feel like I’ve been raped by exxon and turned into a baby seal burger.
    Rather than just complain about it, let’s break it down shall we:
    1) “100% flame broiled beef”. My ass. Unless a couple of ‘citizenship challenged’ workers in the back held a bic lighter under a microwaved sam’s club oblong ‘angus bbq burger with flava hoes’ for exactly 1.5 nano seconds. Maybe the beef they were holding wasn’t the burger, eat up you yankee pendejo’s.
    2) So much for the breakdown of elements, number 2 is a biggy. Let me list the damage: generic ‘funions’ drizzeled with generic ‘A1 steak wannabee steak sauce’ along with a nasty ‘cheez product’ on a warm approximation of a bun. That’s it! All this for 5 bucks! What a bargain!
    In closing, it is just flat nasty. Save the money for gas. Hell, drink the gas, it probably tastes better.

  39. says

    Burger King may be fast food, but that doesn’t mean that the meat used in a five-dollar burger has to be approximately six thousand times inferior to that which is used in their one-dollar burgers. If anyone’s a fat slob inhaling it while driving away from the place, it’s someone who actually enjoys the disgusting thing.

    Crispy onions would be great, except those weren’t crispy onions. They were more onion-flavored crisp. I could have cooked Walla Walla or red onions in a pan and replaced the trash on that burger to far greater effect.

  40. says

    This sandwhich has got to be the worst thing I’ve ever eaten. Any of you who seriously give this item a thumbs up have obviously been raised on a diet of crap all your life. I rarely eat fast food, but yesterday I was in a hurry, was super hungry and was in the mood for junk food. The “burger” portion looked like someone fried my mouse pad in oil for about 6 hours and tasted almost like that. They glop on top is the saltiest, nastiest condiments available which hides the taste of the what they pass off as meat. I literally got sick when I arrived home. Not to mention, the “Chicken Fries” were so overdone they were almost black. Total crap – Americans need to eat healthier and especially bring back the tradition of making the kids healthy home cooked meals on a daily basis.

  41. MsOfTheDark says

    I will have to agree that the Loaded Steakhouse Bruger is one little nasty hunk of hell. Even my dog wouldn’t eat it. Potatos on a burger? Who thought that one up? Who ever it was, had to be on some serious drugs and thought, wow what a fun joke to play on the public.

  42. Olias says

    I have not tried this sandwich nor will I ever. The reviews here are a perfect example of why I do not eat at fast food joints. For the same money you can get a decent meal at a diner and actually have the food served to you….and not wonder if some hormonal teenager blew his boogers onto your sandwich.

  43. Amanda says

    I love this burger…i love the potatoes in it and onion crips…its my most favorite burger ever from them
    I could eat this everyday if it werent so fattening.
    i guess i have weird taste, but man i love that burger

  44. Disappointed Man says

    This will be the first time I ever posted a comment on a review. That should tell you something about this burger. This burger was so disgusting that I took the time to look up reviews about the burger, which I have never done before. I only wish I had looked up reviews prior to eating the piece of garbage that is the Steakhouse Burger. It is absolutely the most disgusting hamburger I have ever tried. I envy those that can actually enjoy it, because now I will have nightmares. Thank you Burger King…thank you.

    • nikki says

      Disappointed Man — your post is my experience exactly.

      I went through the drive-thru for the Whopper but saw crispy onions and got excited for the Steakhouse burger. As soon as I got home and unwrapped it, I knew something was wrong: the burger looked extremely dried out. But I took a bite anyway. Ugh. I wanted to chuck it immediately but I had nothing else to eat and I didn’t want to go out again so I kept going. Ultimately, I couldn’t finish it.

      I will NEVER buy this burger again. And I will tell my friends to never buy it.

  45. NaCl says

    I unfortunately tried the Mushroom & Swiss variety.
    mushroom -yes
    swiss -yes
    wonton bits -yes
    A1 -yes
    meat -no

    All I could taste was salt. So much so that I could only taste the toppings by removing them. This patty doesn’t even have a meat-like texture.

    A visit to BK’s website explained everything.
    1950 mg of sodium, more salt than 2 large fries.

    From the ingredients page –
    Steakhouse Angus Patty
    Beef, Encapsulated Salt (Salt, Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil), Flavorings, Beef Fat, Beef Stock, Dextrose.

    as opposed to –
    100% USDA inspected Ground Beef (Fire-Grilled).

    Buyer beware indeed.

  46. it's not bad says

    I tried one today, and I can happily say it wasn’t that bad. I’ve had a lot worse. The only thing I didn’t like was the sauce, but other than that, it was a decent burger that I would possibly think about having next time I go to burger king.

  47. ZionBaby says

    This burger absolutely SUCKED! Way too salty and no flavor at the same time. I really believe that i was eating an ice hockey puck sandwich with salt sauce! I only bought it because I had a get “buy one meal get one sandwich free” coupon and after paying $7.90. They both ended up in the trash!!! If i ever go to Burger King in the future it will be for the junior whopper for a dollar and a cup of water. they suck!!!

  48. says

    Normally I don’t comment, but I was doing a google search on why they discontinued the Loaded Steakhouse Burger, and I came across this site. Although I don’t agree with you, I have to say, your blog topic was BY FAR the most hilarious thing I read today! Who knew that me searching for a discontinued sandwich would cause me to bookmark this site. 🙂


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